Medical Kineticsgroup in action!

The Medical Kinetics training is accessible to graduated remedial therapists. Medical Kinetics is a high-quality exercise program that is suitable for people with problems with the musculoskeletal system and for stress-related complaints. The program contains all kinds of possibilities to make the training as effective as possible for everyone. Medical Kinetics integrates the latest insights in the field of healthy exercise.
Many problems with the musculoskeletal system mean that patients do not move at all anymore; sports and fitness are usually impractical and often overburdening. Medical Kinetics is a good alternative.
Medical Kinetics works both curatively and preventively. As a therapist I use Medical Kinetics both individually and in groups. To stay healthy and fit it is important that you:

  • in 3 dimensions, i.e., moves in all directions where movements are combined
  • exercise your muscles over their entire range
  • alternates in tempo
  • effort alternates with relaxation
  • especially muscles exercises that provide a good balance and coordination

Medical Kinetics in group: duration 1 hour.
Registration for a trial lesson is possible. Use the Contact-form for this.

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