At the first visit to my practice, I take a history and research in order to map the origin and course of your complaints. This is followed by a physical examination that looks at the complaint and the limitations you experience.
If necessary, the treatment can also take place at home, upon referral from the doctor.
In consultation, a treatment plan is drawn up that takes into account your daily activities. You are encouraged to think about solutions yourself, so that you can make changes in posture and movement easier.
With the exercise program and the advice you receive, you start working at home. At each subsequent consultation an evaluation is made and the program is adjusted where necessary. At the end of the treatment follows a report that is sent to your doctor / referring doctor.

You are welcome to me with and without reference. If you come without a referral, there will first be a screening. This screening should reveal whether you are indeed at the right address with your complaint / request for help from the remedial therapist. If your complaint / request for help is not indicated for exercise therapy, I will advise you to go to the doctor. Conditions are not attached to it, so it basically does not matter what the care demand is or what the complaints are. If you are additionally insured, the screening is reimbursed as standard.