The Network Chronic Pain is a national network of exercise therapists Cesar | Mensendieck. They specialize in treating people with chronic pain.
All affiliated remedial therapists work according to a treatment method that has been drawn up according to the latest insights in evidence based practice and patient-driven care. This allows you to count on a care that is tailor-made for you and that focuses on working towards a better quality of life and exercise. During treatment, the principles of mindfulness are used. The Network Chronic Pain collaborates with referrers such as rehabilitation physicians, rheumatologists, rehabilitation centers and pain clinics.

The treatment goes as follows: you start by mapping out the causes of your pain, your experience of the pain complaints and how you deal with them. You then set feasible goals together with your therapist. The starting point here is that you regain control over your complaints and improve your quality of life.
During the treatment, your exercise therapist is your coach, as it were. Together with the remedial therapist you will work on your own goals. These goals focus on improving those skills that are important to you. For one, this means 'normal living and working' and for the other 'dealing with tensions better'.