It is important to deliver quality work and a place where you can give your opinion as a client about my treatment is the website

As a practice therapist, I am a member of the

  • 'landelijke vereniging voor oefentherapeuten Mensendieck' see also

  • The national network for chronic pain

  • Officially registered Medical Kinetics Therapist

  • I regularly participate in Intracollegial Consultation for Exercise Therapists Mensendieck: IOM
  • Registered in the Quality register Paramedics
  • As a practice therapist, I am working in a partnership for Northern Limburg under the following website:
    We are a network of enthusiastic exercise therapists from Cesar and Mensendieck in North Limburg. Our strength lies in the individually focused treatment where people are seen in their entirety in relation to their environment, starting from everyone's possibilities. This is also possible in groups. We strive for cooperation with health insurers, doctors, practice assistants, patient associations and paramedics, but are also willing to cooperate with schools to give advice on attitude and movement.