The Schroth therapy is fairly new in the Netherlands and is a 3-dimensional treatment method (in 3 planes, in the lateral, forward / backward direction and in a rotational direction) for children and adults with scoliosis or kyphosis.
A scoliosis is a lateral curvature of the spinal column, resulting in 1 or more bends and in addition a rotation of the spine around its axis. This rotation causes a bulging, called gibbus, at chest height on one side. A kyphosis is a curvature at chest level, the "round back".
Scientific research shows that this treatment gives good results in both kyphosis and scoliosis.
The 3D Schroth therapy has its origins in Germany and was developed by Katharina Schroth, who had a scoliosis himself.

The goal of the treatment

  • correction of the spine and thus postural improvement applied in daily life
  • reducing and counteracting worsening of the scoliosis
  • reduce pain
  • avoid surgery or wearing a brace

There is active practice, focused on daily life where the breathing in the exercises is emphasized. Especially in children in the growth it is important to start the treatment in time because, when the growth spurt starts, the scoliosis can increase in a short time. If you notice any abnormalities on the back of your child, please contact your doctor or exercise therapist in good time.

The practice for Mensendieck exercise therapy and personal growth has been an officially recognized Schroth Best Practice Center since 14-10-2015. Further information can be found at