My name is Pauline van Gassel, exercise therapist Mensendieck, Medical Kinetics Therapist, Schroth Best Practice, Master Spiritual Alchemist therapist and flower therapist.

How did I become the person I am now?
As a child I was touched by all the pain, sorrow and misery around me. I often felt unhappy because of everything I saw and felt around me. At this I retreated into my own fantasy world, in nature and sought my salvation from animals. There I could be myself and I felt safe. Get rid of that jumble of emotions and feelings around me, which I did not know how to handle as a child.

One thing I knew for sure: I wanted to help people and for myself and the other a better, more loving world.
The goal of helping people helped me become a Mensendieck exercise therapist.
At that time I married and got 3 children, to finally find out that I still did not know how to deal with emotions and feelings. That reached a low point when my husband, after 14 years of fighting, died of cancer (melanoma).

I stood with my back against the wall and wanted to keep my family together, then I had to work on myself.
I did that with the help of 2 loving people - Gerda Keijsers and Lia Jans from the Patriciershuis in Neer. I found out that if I wanted to be able to help someone else, I first had to go my way. Following the basic and advanced training in spiritual alchemical therapy has brought me a lot. Bit by bit, I felt myself becoming more and more myself. I learned how each person reacts and survives from his habitual patterns. Precisely because of this I not only got more and more compassion, love and understanding for myself, but also for the other person and also realized how important it is to start living from your feelings and not just from your mind. If both are in balance, they will cooperate in a good way. Then our world can become a world of love.

My own way has also taught me that your body pulls the bell when you go off your path. As a practice therapist, it is my aim to let people experience what their body wants to say to them. Often there is a turnaround in their complaint pattern, because the message of the body is then understood.
It does not always mean that 100% cure is possible, but they know better with themselves and the complaint to deal with and thus the situation becomes more bearable.

I know how important it is if someone wants to be completely there for you, takes you by the hand and helps you on your path again. With my love, life experience and knowledge I would like to be a guide on your path. Whether this is by Mensendieck exercise therapy, Medical Kinetics, or as a spiritual Alchemist Therapist or flower therapy, individually or in groups.

It can also be a combination of different therapies. Feel what suits you.

You can always call me for further information.

As a Mensendieck exercise therapist, I have the following specializations:

  • Medical Kinetics Therapist, including:
    • Exercise therapy approach to stress, stress and burnout
    • Research and treatment of the spine in 3 dimensional movement patterns
    • Atonization
    • Clinical application of trigger point therapy as an aid in exercise therapy
  • Schroth Best Practice; a method to treat scoliose 3 dimensional
  • Report code child abuse and domestic violence
  • Network Chronic Pain

Areas of experience

  • 20 years of nursing home experience in neurological, orthopedic and psycho-geriatric areas
  • extensive experience in treating back, neck and headache complaints, tension complaints, pelvic problems and postural abnormalities in children and adults (such as scoliosis)
  • following the basic, advanced and master spiritual alchemical therapy has brought me a lot
  • treating clients with chronic pain